All About the Chinese Shar-Pei

Learn all about the devoted and protective nature of the Chinese Shar-Pei.

By Juliette Cunliffe | June 5, 2012

The Chinese Shar-Pei is best known for his loose skin and frowning expression, with his rather large head and unique, well-padded muzzle.

Active and alert, the Chinese Shar-Pei has a calm, independent nature and is very affectionate. The Shar-Pei is devoted to people and loves to live as an integral part of the family, but might not necessarily be so friendly toward strangers.

The Chinese Shar-Pei is very much an Asian breed, and like others from this region is usually prepared to protect both his home and owners. Alert to the slightest sound, the Shar-Pei is quick to come between his much-loved owners and anyone he considers may be a threat. However, in most cases, the Shar-Pei is content to pin down any adversary, rather than to bite. The Chinese Shar-Pei is not generally an aggressive dog, but it is always important to consider that a Shar-Pei is capable of doing damage, so train your dog from an early age to know what is and is not acceptable behavior.

The Chinese Shar-Pei is a good guard dog, for this behavior is instinctive in this dog breed. And although the Shar-Pei’s fighting days are long since past, keep in mind that ancestors of the present-day Chinese Shar-Pei were used for fighting, so any tendency displayed in this regard should be kept well under control.

This dog breed has a strong hunting instinct. Chinese Shar-Pei have very good eyesight and employ great patience in stalking their prey.

A Chinese Shar-Pei is an inventive dog and will undoubtedly provide his owners with many hours of fun and amusement, especially while growing up. This dog breed enjoys playing games, both with other dogs and with humans, and it can be absolutely fascinating to watch a Shar-Pei think things out before apparently deciding on the most appropriate action to take.

Excerpt from Chinese Shar-Pei, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Chinese Shar-Pei here.


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