All About the Samoyed Dog

Read all about the Samoyed dog, a devoted and intelligent dog breed that is very good with children.

By Richard G. Beauchamp | June 5, 2012

The Samoyed dog is a loyal friend for life! This dog breed is very people-oriented, intelligent, dignified and generally very good with children. Samoyeds are active and hardy and have very few health problems. The well-cared-for Samoyed has no doggie odor and enjoys a long lifespan. The Samoyed adapts well to most environments whether it be living on a ranch, in a suburban home with a fenced yard or, provided he gets plenty of exercise, in an apartment. Just so long as he is with his family, the Samoyed doesn’t mind if his walks are around the neighborhood, in a city park or through the countryside.

While the Samoyed requires regular grooming and brushing, especially during seasonal "coat blowing,” most Samoyed owners consider the fact this dog breed has no doggie odor a fair trade-off. The Samoyed is actually easier to maintain than most would think because of his resilient water-resistant and dirt-resistant double coat.

The Samoyed can make a good watchdog, as he is a lively barker when excited, alerted or happy. As with any other Arctic dog breed, the Samoyed is an independent thinker. These dogs are extremely clean and make wonderful housedogs. Housebreaking a Samoyed usually takes much less time than it does with many other dog breeds.

Samoyed puppies can be extremely mischievous and dedicated chewers and, like most growing puppies, they can be very destructive and need a watchful eye.

A special characteristic of the Samoyed is his ability to be trained to work without losing his good-natured disposition. It is uncommon for a Samoyed to become surly because of the demands put upon him by an owner. Even the earliest standards of this dog breed required the Samoyed to be "...alert, full of action, eager to serve...” Samoyeds do serve well, and in many capacities, ranging from sled dog to herding dog, watchdog to obedience competitor to therapy dogs. The Samoyed’s most cherished role, however, is that of companion to man.

Excerpt from Samoyed, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Samoyed here.


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Carolyn   Sudbury, International

8/20/2013 10:50:54 AM

Love love this breed...have had 5 Samoyed dogs in my life and would not regret having these wonderful dogs...very good with children..very good therapy dogs..awesome pet for the family if you include the dog in most of your activities...must have the dog be part of the family and having a daily routine helps the dog to fit into your lifestyle.

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