Border Collie Information

Find Border Collie information before you adopt a dog.

Nimble Dogs Who Are Light on Their Feet

These agile dogs will leap their way (gently) into your hearts.

Dogs That Shed Heavily

When choosing a dog to add to your life and your family, the amount it will shed is one factor that may influence your decision.

AKC Coursing Ability Test: Border Collie

See a Border Collie tests his lure-coursing mettle at the American Kennel Club’s CAT.

Dog Agility

Dogs take to the agility course at the AKC Eukanuba Championship.

The Blushing Border Collie Mix

Some dogs seem unhappy or scared after being shaved down, but most just need time to adjust.


Grooming a Border Collie

This double-coated dog breed requires regular bathing, brushing and trimming.

What a Border Collie Needs

This active breed requires a fenced yard, adequate exercise and mental stimulation.

Mixed Breed Wins Online Dog Show

Tillie takes Best in Show on Dog Show USA.

Runaway S&R Dog Trainee Found Safe

Dare, a 7-month-old Border Collie, had run away, possible due to air gun noise.

Are You a Border Collie person?

Find out if this athletic dog breed is for you


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