Cane Corso Dog Information

Find Cane Corso dog information before you adopt a dog.

Guardian Dogs: Right Dog For You?

Not for the novice dog owner, learn all about these large dog breeds bred to guard people or livestock to see if they are the right companion pet for you and your family.

Aggression and The Cane Corso

Discover how to help deter growling, teeth bareing or other behaviors in a Cane Corso dog breed.

All About the Cane Corso Dog

Learn all about the characteristics and temperament of the Cane Corso dog breed.

Cane Corso Dog Names

A stable, protective dog, the Cane Corso has a strong sense of territory. The breed can be highly dominant toward people and other dogs, but plenty of early socialization and obedience training softens these tendencies. The Cane Corso craves regular affection, attention and interaction with its family. More>>

A Guardian Dog for Children

A prospective owner hopes to find the right breed to protect and interact with his two young daughters.


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