Dachshund Expert Advice

Because they are genetically programmed to go after critters, Dachshunds have a penchant for digging, especially if there are moles or gophers in your yard. Supervise your dog while he's in the yard, and cheerfully interrupt random digging. If you want to make your dog happy, create a digging spot where he's allowed to disrupt the earth. Encourage him to dig there by burying bones and toys, and helping him dig them up. - Pat Miller, a certified pet dog trainer and owner of Peaceable Paws dog-training facility in Hagerstown , Md. (from Popular Dogs: Dachshunds) 

Dachsies are medium shedders, relatively clean and have minimal doggie odor. They are a good choice for people with allergies because their skin sheds little dander. These low-riders often pick up mud and debris during their excursions, though. They love to roll in smelly substances when they come across them in their travels, a throwback to their hunting days when they masked their scent to prevent alerting their prey. Each coat type [smooth, longhaired and wire] has its own grooming requirements, the smooth being the easiest to maintain. - Kathy Salzberg, National Certified Master Groomer and former owner of a grooming shop in Walpole , Mass. (from Popular Dogs: Dachshunds) 

"In a Dachshund, I look for self-confidence and a distinct personality. I want them to be outgoing and playful. I look for them to be proud and loyal. With positive reinforcement, Dachshunds can do no wrong. They are intelligent dogs and love to please their masters. They have a large-dog personality in a small-dog body." - Debra Coverdell, Dachshund breeder in Fairfield , Mont. (from Popular Dogs: Dachshunds) 

"Weight control is really important [to prevent back injuries]. Dachsies have a propensity to become overweight, and that extra weight puts a lot of extra pressure on the spine. It's [also] wise not to teach your Dachshund behavior that will increase strain on his back [such as jumping from couches, beds and steps]." - Rick Parsons, D.V.M. of the Placerville Veterinary Clinic in Placerville , Calif. (from Popular Dogs: Dachshunds)


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Caroline   Schenectady, NY

1/11/2011 10:22:47 AM

That veterinary advice about not training your dachshund to jump off the couch, beds, steps would lead me to think that the vet has little experience with dachsies!!! I don't think they need any training for this....they just DO IT!! The better advice would be to try to train the dachsie to NOT jump off the couch, beds, steps!!!!

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