Dalmatian Expert Advice

Dalmatians thrive on praise and rewards, and can be motivated [to train] in a number of ways. One of the most effective motivators is an upbeat attitude. Dalmatians are a very intuitive breed. A happy owner and an interested dog are a recipe for training success. – September B. Morn, a professional dog trainer (from Popular Dogs: Dalmatians)

Contrary to what many believe, Dalmatians do shed. Some owners are fond of saying they shed twice a year: six months in the spring and six months in the fall. Those short, stiff hairs have barbed ends, making them difficult to remove from most fabrics. If a frosty white dust on your clothes and furniture would perturb you, if you favor mostly black or navy clothing or if you suffer from allergies, this may not be the dog for you. – Kathy Saltzberg, a national certified master groomer and co-owner of The Village Groomer in Walpole, Massachusetts (from Popular Dogs: Dalmatians)
“Dalmatians are ideal for families that are either very active themselves – joggers or hikers – or have lots of kids that throw lots of balls. The energy also works for them when competing in agility, which is gaining in popularity.” – Cathy Nogar, owner of Hopi Kachina kennels in Espanola, New Mexico (from Popular Dogs: Dalmatians)

“Deafness is the most prevalent disorder that I know of in [Dalmatians]. The dogs go deaf because the blood vessles in the inner ear (the cochlea) degenerate. When that happens, the nerve cells in the cochlea die and irreversible deafness occurs.” – George Strain, Ph.D., a preeminent researcher of canine deafness with the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge (from Popular Dogs: Dalmatians)


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hbvhcbg   dngjbndj, KY

6/16/2008 4:38:13 PM

all good

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Norma   Alvadore, OR

2/19/2007 1:27:40 AM

Excellent information on the subject of deafness. However, Dalmatians are also prone to skin problems. A low protein diet is recommended. Excess protein in the diet causes "bronzing", which is a thickening of the fur in patches which become yellow. Excess protein causes kidney stones which can be fatal.

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