Jack Russell Terriers Expert Advice

Learn how to care for and train your Jack Russell Terrier.

"People think that Jack Russell Terriers naturally behave like they do on television, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. What you see on TV is the result of years of training and hours of work for each scene.” – Lindsey Hinds of Ricochet Pawsitive Training and JRT’s in Forney Texas (from Popular Dogs: Jack Russell Terriers)

"We see a lot of patella [kneecap] disease in little dogs [like Jack Russell Terriers]. It’s not necessarily related to Legg-Perthes [disease of the femur head], but it can contribute to the hind limb lameness and predispose the animal to degenerative joint disease in the stifles [knees].” – Dianne Dunning, D.V.M., M.S. Assiant professor of veterinary clinical medicine at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (from Popular Dogs: Jack Russell Terriers)

"No two Jack Russells look a like. They vary in type, color and markings, and that’s an attractive part of the breed to those of us who love them. The best part about this dog is not conformation. The JRT is not a show dog, it’s a working dog, and working does not necessarily mean hunting. These dogs are happy doing agility, racing and going to ground.” -- Terri Batzer of Briarpatch Jack Russells and administrative director of The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. (from Popular Dogs: Jack Russell Terriers)

Jack Russells were bred to hunt foxes, and this means sometimes digging out their quarry. Owners often approach groomers about cutting nails short to prevent digging. However, digging is instinctual to JRT and no amount of nail trimming can prevent that. Rather nails should be clipped to allow the dog to remain properly forward in its feet and not be forced to walk on its pasterns (the hind part of the foot) due to long nails. -- Diana Mohler former grooming shop owner of Elsinore, California (from Popular Dogs: Jack Russell Terriers)


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Patricia   Portland, Oregon

12/1/2013 10:14:07 PM

My Jack Russel gets very excited when there are other dogs around. He barks at people , trucks, when he is riding in the car.. He is fine around people but it some one comes over he is fine as long as they sit still. If the y get up he barks at them. He is devoted to me and is pretty good with my husband unless he raises his voice then he will bark at him.

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Linda   Valrico, Florida

2/9/2013 4:21:01 PM

my Jack Russell can run fast, but skips on his left back leg. Vet said it could be arthritis.

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ariel   kissemme, FL

7/13/2011 11:55:50 AM

my JRT is from seaworld. In the show pets Ahoy he was a great preformer!! now retired still going and active as ever! also my dog favors one of his legs....wonder if that is a JRT thing.

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A. Jensen   Lincoln, NE

5/6/2011 10:59:19 PM

Our Jack Russel, is the best dog we have had in a long line of dogs. Make sure they know you a the leader. I have mine trained to stay in the front yard if I am work near by. I squeezed he nose as suggested by the vet when she was little to get her to obay. She loves to be around me and other dogs. She doesnt like cats and chased squirles. If you have mice, rats or moles this dog will kill them for you. She is always seaching for this types of rodants.

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