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“I have found the Maltese to possess a calmer, more predictable nature than many other small dog breeds. Overall, the Maltese has a mental stability that makes it a pleasure to be around and to work with.” – Al Breece, professional trainer from Johnstown, Ohio (from Popular Dogs: Maltese)

Averaging just 4 to 6 pounds, Maltese possess small stomachs which can’t hold much food. Factor in picky appetite, and clearly, providing a food that is packed full of nutrients as possible becomes critically important. That means you’ll have to spring for a higher-quality food. – Susan Bertram, D.V.M of central Oregon (from Popular Dogs: Maltese)

“Even though the Maltese is a toy dog, it should be as structurally sound as any bigger working dog. Toy dogs routinely go up and down stairs, jump on and off furniture – especially beds – go for walks or just race around the yard. They need four good legs, because they do much more than live in a lap – Vicki Fierheller, a breeder in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (from Popular Dogs: Maltese)
The Maltese is one of those great breeds that doesn’t shed, which has advantages and disadvantages. Because they don’t shed, the hair remains on the dog waiting for the day you forget to take the brush out. The hairs begin to wind together, creating a nasty tangle. Forget to brush your buddy for two days and more tangles mysteriously appear. – Diana Mohler former grooming shop owner of Lake Elsinore, California (from Popular Dogs: Maltese)


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maltese/tim   Columbus, OH

5/17/2016 7:36:09 AM

I got Tim at 3 1/2, caged all day, not house broken, hair growing in his right eye,hernia,not fixed, and both hind legs had been broken at some time.his owner worked all day, going through a divorce, job, children and ex-spouse problems. he will not wear a leash, play with toys, hates noises. he is a loving dog and after 4 1/2 yrs trusts me but will not let me cut his nails. I guess someone hurt him at one of the grooming. his ex-owner loved him but these dogs need lots of time. I am 76 & he tires me sometimes. Only special people should own a maltese because they are like a baby.

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Shaunna L Gunderson   Boise, ID

2/16/2011 9:45:13 PM

I got a Maltese for my 89yr old Grandma as a companion. For now, since Gramms doesnt brush him much at all no matter what I say, we keep him in a puppy cut. She requested that I adopt him when she is no longer here. I think I will try the long coat and see how it goes. I DO like grooming animals;)

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Ebony   Orange Park, FL

12/19/2010 6:21:52 PM

To Stop the brown around the maltese eyes you would need to give them bottled water beacause minerials in the tap water causes the brown stain.A wise teacher of mine told this to me.

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kimberley   los angeles, CA

7/11/2010 12:09:49 AM

i have learn many new things with my new baby when i say baby is because i own a maltese name Bella ..Bella is 1 year old and she's my first dog love her and it was a good choice ..maltese are great friend a lot of work if you want to keep her clean i use a special shampoo for white fur and as all the maltese the area around their eyes get brown i use a powder specializes for all white fur dogs name angels eyes the web site is by i'm a little teacup ..i hope this help solve someone problem with there pet having brown spots around their eyes .. maltese is that kind of breed that love playing my bella loves running around the house and loves being next to me all the time specially when I'm eating ... i feel sometimes bad to see her next to when im eating what i do is buy organic fruits and 2 time a week give her some why?? because as a person eating meat meat and meat gets tired believed me dogs to so for a change as i believe dog are really smart the deserve respect love and to be healthy .. .dogs are our best friends

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