Miniature Pinschers Expert Advice

“Min Pins are exceptionally bright. I think the key to training them well is to teach them how to learn. Or from a slightly different perspective, teach yourself how to communicate in a way they can understand. Once you’ve done that, the sky’s the limit.” – Donna Luzzo obedience competitor from Washington, New Jersey (from Popular Dogs: Miniature Pinschers)

“Obesity can be a big issue with certain (genetic) lines of Miniature Pinschers. They don’t know when to stop eating. If your Min Pin is already a bit heavy, then get ‘em off the couch and go out for a walk.” – Virginia Brookings, D.V.M., a veterinarian in Shreveport, Louisiana.

“Be prepared for active, toddler-like behavior [from your Min Pin] for life, above normal amounts of barking, challenging housebreaking, but also lots of love and fun”   - Armando Angelbello of Marlex kennel in Davie, Florida (from Popular Dogs: Miniature Pinschers)

A short coated breed that sheds minimally, your Min Pin will not leave a trail of hair behind it as it whisks around your home like a tiny tornado. A brisk brushing with a rubber curry brush or grooming glove twice a week will remove dead hair, stimulate coat oils and keep your pet clean and shiny. Expect a slight increase in shedding in the spring and fall as its smooth, hard coat adapts to seasonal changes. – Kathy Salzberg, N.C.M.G., co-owner of the Village Groomer in Walpole, Massachusetts (from Popular Dogs: Miniature Pinschers)


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Maythe   fontana, California

8/19/2013 9:41:26 PM

I have a question? I bought a mini pin its probably about. 2 1/2 months . I got told that it was pure breed I did see the mom she was a full breed brown mini pin , the dad I did not see but I got told it was a black short mini pin. My mini pin has a couple little long brown hairs by his chest & he has alittle long hairs on the top of his head that just stick up alittle. Is that normal for a mini pin if it.had different colored parents?

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Silvia   OT, New Jersey

11/6/2012 7:42:34 AM

Love my min pins!! I have 4 :) 3 of them are a close family & they sleep/eat-stay together, my puppy is a new addition & he is one smart, funny-trouble maker ! But i love them all , Sanchez , Macho & Peenut are tan & black , Tito is all tan & tall slim body, i took alot of time to train him which i was so surprised how he learns so fast ; besides the usually, sit, paw ; he gives kisses on command, high five, rolls over , knows names of his toys & gets them on command as i call each out; he can jump over dog fence in kitchen, jump on the window from the floor (his fave spot safe screen down) he amazes me everyday ! If you have time to train a Min Pin you really get the benefits its an amazing breed and truely a BFF :)

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tasha   montrose, CO

3/14/2011 7:38:49 PM

i have a male min pin he is a hand full and getting the hang of going outside to go potty he's a year and a half.but i want to breed him i got a girl from the same person i got him from she says they are brother and sister but they look nothing alike he is short haired and black with brown markings and she is pure black with long hair so i dont know what to do they look nothing alike but yet i dont want to breed my min pin with his sister what to do

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camille   stevensville, MA

2/27/2011 3:20:37 PM

It gives avery true picture of min. pins. my 7 1/2 year old is a wonderful companion, very commited to me and always wants to please.

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