Pomeranians Expert Advice

Poms are small enough to easily pick up out of harms way. For that reason, many owners don’t bother to teach them basic commands the way they would a larger dog. These owners may not realize it but training isn’t just for the big guys or for competition – any dog’s behavior can be greatly improved with a bit of education. -- September B. Morn, professional dog trainer (from Popular Dogs: Pomeranians)

Pom pups must have palatable and nutritious food available nutritious foos available at all times (called free feeding) in order to avoid hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, a potentially life-threatening condition that can affect Pomeranians. Puppies that don’t have continual access to food when they’re hungry, or puppies that eat less due to illness, overexertion or becoming chilled cannot generate blood sugar from the body stores the way mature animals can. – Susan Bertram, D.V.M. from Oregon (from Popular Dogs: Pomeranians)

“It’s the attitude [that Pomeranians have]. The attitude that they are so much bigger than they are. I like to call them Rotties in a Pom suit, and after 35 years, they still make me feel the same way I felt about them the first time I met one.” -- Olga Baker of Jeribeth Pomeranians in Dickerson, Texas (from Popular Dogs: Pomeranians)

Poms simply won’t tolerate a heavy hand when it comes to removing mats and tangles, so patience is a must. They have sensitive skin and feelings to match, therefore use your slicker brush gently, starting at the same spot each time so you won’t miss an area -- Kathy Salzberg, N.C.M.G., co-owner of the Village Groomer in Walpole, Massachusetts (from Popular Dogs: Pomeranians)


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Lenora   Porthmouth, VA

8/1/2011 3:39:09 PM

Should a Pom fur be shaved I heard this was not good to do but the groomer said it was ok

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Angie   Miami, FL

3/30/2011 12:29:23 PM

I have just started feeding my 6 year old Pommie a raw food diet. That said she is getting vitamin supplement; 80% raw food and 20% raw veggies. I keep hearing mixed comments about the pros and cons of raw food for

Can anyone help me out? I have researched it online and have purchased a book on Dog nutruition, but still am a little nervous about the raw food diet. She is also gaining weight, what is the portion? She's tall for a pommie.

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Emily   Memphis, TN

8/19/2010 11:45:01 AM

My puppy is 3 months old, and he is loosing his hair. When I took him to the vet, the vet said nothing was wrong. So why is he loosing his hair? Has anybody else had this problem?

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Iris T. Rose   Brownwood, TX

7/6/2010 3:28:04 PM

Does it affect the Pom to get their fur cut not groomed. My daughter took my pom and did not get her groomed she got it cut pretty short.

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