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Today's kennel management software keeps the paperwork under control.

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PC or Web-Based?
There are two kinds of kennel management software: PC and Web based. They may share functional attributes between them, but the way in which you access information varies. PC software must be installed directly onto your computer, so you will have to make sure that your computer has all the requirements to properly run the program. A PC program may be slightly more expensive than a Web-based program since you are buying the software. It is recommended that you back up and safely store your files onto a disk regularly, even as frequently as daily, to prevent the loss of all your information as a result of a power outage, fire, or other disaster. A benefit of PC-based software is that as long as there is power running to your computer, you will always have instant access to your information.

Web-based software typically requires only a computer and an Internet connection. The expense to get started is often lower and there is no software to install, so it won't tie up memory on your computer's hard drive. Most Web-based software programs give you the flexibility of accessing your information even when you are not at your place of business. One potential drawback is that you will be unable to access your information if your Internet connection is down or otherwise unavailable; and a telephone or wireless Internet connection (as opposed to DSL or broadband) may result in the program running slowly. On the plus side, software updates, when available, occur automatically and often almost instantaneously.

Choosing the Right Package
Most canine professionals could thoroughly benefit from using software to store their records. Information that once had to be written or typed out on paper can now be easily accessed, reviewed, and updated with a few simple keystrokes. The chief features that any kennel management software should have are functionality and ease of use. The majority of kennel management software programs available were created with the specific needs of animal professionals in mind, and the understanding that a canine expert isn't always a computer expert.

Before purchasing any software for your business, first consider your needs and expectations. Do you conduct business at a rate that makes manual recordkeeping difficult? A very small business that doesn't anticipate growth may maintain its records efficiently by hand, making management software superfluous. However, those with limited space and /or a growing client base may find it more difficult to manage and maintain business information in a timely and efficient manner.

Once you've determined what kind of records you need help keeping up with, you're ready to look into the many options available. Each software package differs in its degree of "user friendliness" and storage capacity. Some software programs have a limit to the number of dogs or clients it can support, so make certain you choose one that can sustain your business now and over the next few years.

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