Mastiff Dog Breed Information

Find information about the Mastiff dog breed.

Funny Dog Videos: Living with a Mastiff

A Mastiff's antics are caught on film when his owner comes home to a big dog mess. Check out this funny dog video.

Guardian Dogs: Right Dog For You?

Not for the novice dog owner, learn all about these large dog breeds bred to guard people or livestock to see if they are the right companion pet for you and your family.

Working Dog Breeds

The Working Group varies in appearance, but all these dog breeds are known for their tremendous strength, endurance and intelligence.

Mastiff ‘Designer’ Dog

Both the Mastiff and Boxer are magnificent breeds, but there is no reason to mix the two.

Super-Sized Sentinel

With his imposing size and awe-inspiring appearance, the loyal Neapolitan Mastiff protects his people.


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