Miniature Pinscher Dog Breed Information

Find information and learn about the Miniature Pinscher dog breed.

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Night One of Westminster Kicks off with Broadway Flair

Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Group winners, photos and more from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Trimming a Miniature Pinscher’s Nails

This breed does not appreciate a pedicure.

Miniature Pinscher - Is this the right dog breed for you?

Find out if you're a Miniature Pinscher person.

Miniature Pinscher Overview

Find out if you're a Miniature Pinscher person.


Training the Miniature Pinscher Puppy

A solid education in obedience and leadership is essential to teach your Miniature Pinscher the rules of his new human world.

Basic Obedience for Your Miniature Pinscher Puppy

More basics to help adjust your new puppy adjust to the human world.

Miniature Pinscher Dog Training Overview

Keep these four tips to keep in mind for Miniature Pinscher dog training.

Popular Dogs: Miniature Pinschers

Find out how this little dog's big attitude can shake up daily life.


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