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Find Mixed Dog Breed information before you adopt a dog.

DOG FANCY Mixed Breed Cover Contest Winner

With a face like this, what's not to love? Meet the adorable Mutt who made the cover.

About the Mixed Dog Breed

Mixed breeds make wonderful pets and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and temperaments. While no two are alike, the one thing you can count on is a unique dog that will be full of surprises. Mixed Breeds range in combinations from the cross breeding of two purebred dogs such as a Chihuahua-Poodle to multi-generation mutts whose origins are unclear.   More>>

Rescue Railroad Photo Slide Show

View photos of dogs who found a new lease on life thanks to a network of volunteers.

Designer Dogs Mix It Up

A look at the pros and cons of "designer dogs.”

Mixed-Breed Puppy Mystery

An animal shelter, a vet, and the breed expert weigh in on the heritage of a mixed-breed puppy.


Guess the Dog's Mix!

Identify the breeds in three mixed-breed dogs, then see what two testing companies revealed.

Dog Breed Traits Quiz

Decipher your mixed-breed dog’s behavior to learn what breeds he may be.

Mystery Mutts

Cutting-edge science reveals the makeup of mixed-breed dogs.

DNA-Based Mixed Breed Test for Dogs

Stop playing ‘name that mix’ and put your mixed-breed dog’s DNA to the test.

Canine Breed Test

Discover how advances in technology are letting dog owners find out what breeds make up their mixed-breed dogs.


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