American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Information

Find American Pit Bull Terrier information before you add one to your life.

Pit Bull Body Language

Learn all about how to read a pit bull’s body language.

Tips for Training Pit Bulls

Check out these 5 training tips that will help you effectively train your Pit Bull dog breed.

What to Feed a Pit Bull

Learn about the different types of dog food you can feed your Pit Bull and how to determine the right amount of dog food your Pit Bull should eat.

Socializing Pit Bulls

Learn about the importance of socializing Pit Bulls and discover ways you can socialize your pit bull to be a happy, people-loving dog.

All About Pit Bull Dog Breeders

Learn all about pit bull dog breeders and how to tell a good dog breeder from a bad dog breeder.


Pit Bull Puppies From a Dog Breeder

Check out these 10 tips for picking the perfect pit bull puppy from a dog breeder.

All About Pit Bulls and Children

The Pit Bull makes a wonderful pet for families. See how the Pit Bull and children can get along.

Tony Azevedo's Dogs

Olympic athlete Tony Azevedo tells all about the Pit Bull Terrier and Fila Brasileiro that make his life more complete.

Famous Military Dog Names

Want to give your dog a name that honors military dogs who have served their country? Or just want to learn about some pretty amazing dogs? Check out this list of military hounds.

Should I Get A Pit Bull for A Pet?

Are you thinking about getting a pit bull? Find out what pit bull dog breed experts have to say about prospective pit bull owners.


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