Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

Find Chihuahua breed information before you adopt a dog.

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Spice of Life

Small but spirited, the lively Chihuahua will reign over your heart and home.

Celebrities Fuel Market for U.S.-Bred Chihuahuas

Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Madonna have helped increase the U.S.-bred Chihuahua’s popularity in Mexico.

America’s Fastest Chihuahua

The third annual Petco Unleashed races set out to find America’s Fastest Chihuahua.

Brandy Is Named the ‘World’s Smallest Dog’

Guinness Book of World Records awards Chihuahua the "World's Smallest Dog" title.


Are you a Chihuahua person?

Find out if this curious breed is for you.

Chihuahua Overview

Is this curious breed for you?

Training Your Chihuahua Puppy

A solid education in obedience and leadership is essential to teach your Chihuahua the rules of his new human world.

Taking Your Chihuahua Puppy Outside

Some basic training tips to ready your puppy for the outside world.

Training Your Chihuahua Puppy

Six tips to keep in mind when training the Chihuahua puppy.


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