German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

Find German Shepherd Dog breed information before adding this working breed to your life.

Your German Shepherd's Vet Visit

Discover 10 things your veterinarian will discuss with you at your German Shepherd’s vet appointments.

Brushing the German Shepherd

Learn about a German Shepherd’s coat and discover how this dog needs to be brushed.

Chasing Information On German Shepherds

Find out why your German Shepherd Dog chases people, animals or things and what you can do about it.

Bloat And German Shepherds

Learn about the danger of bloat and how you can help prevent your dog from suffering from this medical condition.

Bathing Your German Shepherd Puppy

Does your German Shepherd puppy need a bath? Check out this step-by-step guide about how to bathe a puppy.


Barking German Shepherds

If your German Shepherd likes to bark, check out these tips on how to manage your dog’s barking problem.

Crate Training A German Shepherd Puppy

Check out these 12 simple tips on how to crate train your new puppy.

Healthy German Shepherd Puppies

Find out how to choose a healthy German Shepherd Dog and what health signs to look for.

History of the German Shepherd

Discover the history of how the German Shepherd breed began.

German Shepherd Dog Stealing Food

Discover how to stop your German Shepherd Dog from the bad behavior of jumping on the table or counter and stealing food.


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