Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information

Find Golden Retriever dog breed information before you adopt a dog.

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Rescued dogs become the rescuers in Japanese earthquake aftermath

Returning the Favor, published in Dogs in Review May 2011

Golden Retriever Hates Nail Trimming

Try these techniques to make nail trimming less traumatic for you both.

A Golden Transformation

Golden, a Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue’s Project Home Life graduate, becomes a new dog after she completes the rehabilitation program.

A Golden Retriever’s Shedding

All Golden Retrievers shed, but there are things owners can do to limit the amount of hair that gets everywhere.


Golden Retriever Show Trials

Learn the different aspects of show trials your golden retriever may enter.

Golden Retriever Showing

Learn the different aspects of showing your golden retriever dog.

Golden Retriever Training Basic Commands

Here we describe the basic commands for the beginning steps in training your golden retriever dog.

Golden Retriever Training Equipment

Find out the tools you can use to train your golden retriever, and learn how to use them.

Golden Retriever Discipline Training

Teach your golden retriever puppy the basics of discipline, reward and punishment.


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