Bulldog Breed Information

Find Bulldog dog information before you adopt a dog.

Love That Mug

No longer used for baiting bulls, the Bulldog just wants to love, eat, and sleep.

Bulldog Gains Popularity

The breed cracks the AKC’s list of the 10 most popular dogs for the first time in decades.

Grooming Your Bulldog

Cleaning those distinctive wrinkles three times a week will keep your Bulldog happy, healthy, and odor-free.

Drool Is Cool for Bulldogs

Bulldog Hannah scores Most Beautiful title.

A Dog Owner-Handler Success Story

Looking back at Bulldog Ch. Marinebull's All the Way's success for Joyce and Karl Dingman.


Are You a Bulldog Person?

Is the Bulldog breed right for you?

Bulldog Overview

Is this intelligent breed for you?

Basic Commands to Teach Your Bulldog Puppy

Five simple words to help train your puppy.

The Bulldog Training Overview

Learn basic commands for your bulldog to follow.

Training Secrets for Bully Breeds

Teach your bully the basics.


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