German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

Find German Shepherd Dog breed information before adding this working breed to your life.

Roles of Discipline in German Shepherd Dog Training

Discipline helps puppies learn consistency in dog training.

Housebreaking Your German Shepherd Dog

Having a command for your dog to potty helps in housebreaking.

Training Your German Shepherd Dog

Obedience training is the first step in educating your German Shepherd Dog.

You Can Count On Me

Confident and dependable, the German Shepherd Dog keeps faithful watch over his family.

German Shepherd Overview

Is the German Shepherd breed right for you?


Are you a German Shepherd Dog person?

Find out if this noble breed is for you.

Training Overview: The German Shepherd Puppy

Keep these five tips to keep in mind when training the German Shepherd puppy.

Training the German Shepherd Puppy

A solid education in obedience and leadership is essential to teach your German Shepherd the rules of his new human world.

Games to Play With Your German Shepherd Puppy

Fun games to enjoy while training your new puppy.

Popular Dogs: German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent breeds of dog, and it needs structure, someone to love, companionship and a purpose in life.


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