Should I Get a Border Terrier Dog?

Are you thinking of getting a Border Terrier dog? Check out these 9 Border Terrier facts to decide if this dog breed is the right dog for you and your family.

By Muriel P. Lee | June 13, 2012

1. The Border Terrier is an active dog that is perfectly sized for any living situation.

2. In spite of the Border Terrier’s small size, this dog breed is a masculine dog and, like most other terriers, does not show any sign of timidity or shyness.

3. Border Terriers are busy dogs, on their toes and ready for action! If you are looking for a sedentary lap dog, the Border Terrier will not be the dog breed for you.

4. The Border Terrier has a very steady disposition and fits in well with family life, whether it be in a large country house, a home in a suburban neighborhood or an apartment in the city, provided the dog gets enough activity.

5. The Border Terrier is good with children, but is an active terrier who plays hard. Take caution that your dog is supervised with young children, and that both your children and Border Terrier are taught how to behave properly around each other. Children in the family must learn to be careful, responsible dog owners with all aspects of your Border Terrier’s safety in mind, such as keeping gates closed and not allowing the dog to chew on harmful objects. All things considered, kids and Border Terriers can be great friends!

6. If you like to work with your dog, you will find the Border Terrier to be a happy and willing participant in whatever area you choose, be it obedience work, agility, therapy, flyball, and of course, best of all, any necessary going to ground activities. The Border Terrier is a smart dog breed that likes to perform, keep busy and be challenged. Give your Border Terrier any job that requires a bit of brain activity and he will be a contented fellow.

7. Because of this dog breed’s intelligence, establish very early on who is the head of the household and institute the basic obedience lessons immediately. Obedience training is a must so your dog will sit when asked to, come when called and, in general, act like a little gentleman.

8. This is a dog breed that will require some special grooming, including stripping, a method that is used on harsh-textured terrier dog coats. Grooming your Border Terrier will be more extensive than with a smooth-coated dog breed but far less work than with a sculpted terrier dog like the Scottish or Bedlington Terrier. A plus is that the Border Terrier’s water-resistant double coat repels most dirt.

9.  When out for walks, keep your Border Terrier on a leash. If loose and trotting along at your side, this dog breed will spot a squirrel across a busy street and his instincts will activate quickly. Your Border Terrier will dart across the street, with no regard to the traffic. Nonetheless, this dog breed cannot be trusted off leash in an open area—think "on lead” and "fenced” for your Border Terrier’s safety.

Excerpt from Border Terrier, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Border Terrier here.


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Whiskey-Pup   Williamsport, PA

8/15/2012 10:56:37 PM

I started with a Rottweiler-& don't get me wrong-If I could've had another one I would've. But due to a neck injury & then a hip injury-if I wanted another dog in my life-The dog had to be smaller. The Border Terrier. If I had known what I do now-about the Border Terrier-I probably would've been happy with the Border first. I am with my 3rd Border now-the last 2 have been service dogs. I had one that lived for 15.5yrs. That was the first one-who became a service dog at the age of 11.5yrs. The 2nd one was my mother's-because she liked mine so much she got one-unfortunately that dog only lived until she was 8. The one now-is 4yrs old & the 2nd service dog-he is full of it-but when he has to work he knows & tends to be a perfect gentleman. Just because we had 3 Borders-it doesn't mean they all had the same temperments, attitudes, or personalities. We had to deal with each dog as a separate individual not expect one to be the same as the next-because they were all the same breed. That made it easier when Brandywine died & Whiskey had to fill his shoes. However-there is a number of things that are standard features of the breed & some of those are-being friendly, loving, kind, sensitive, & the way they are built. So-Needless to say I could go on for hours about the praises of this little brown dog. But-I think I said enough for now. There is so much you can say about them-once you have one. Thank you for this opportunity of sharing.

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