Dog College Classes - Level 3

Building on what you learned in Dog College sessions 100 and 200, Session 300 offers nine new classes to expand your canine knowledge. You do not have to have completed Dog College 100 or 200 level classes to register for Dog College 300. However, the material covered in previous sessions will give you a head start in completing some of these new courses!

Each course includes a video, reading material, chart or slide show along with a corresponding quiz. You must pass the quiz with a score of 60 percent or higher to receive credit (i.e., Club Dog points) for taking the course.

Good luck in your studies!!

If you have any technical questions, e-mail Dog Support.

Here are the courses and professors for Dog College Level 300.


Rehabilitation 301: Common Techniques

Reading Assignment: Learn about 10 modalities used to rehabilitate dogs after surgery or injury.

Slideshow: Get a closer look at some of these modalities.

Quiz: 10 questions to test your knowledge of dog rehabilitation. 

Instructor:Phil Zeltzman, D.V.M., Diplomate ACVS, is a mobile, small-animal board-certified surgeon near Allentown, Pa., and regular DOG FANCY contributing editor.

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First Responder 301: Emergency Treatment Versus First Aid:

Reading Assignment: Learn what signs indicate an emergency that requires an immediate trip to a veterinary facility, and what could benefit from initial treatment at home.

Slideshow: A guide to various emergency situations a dog may encounter.

Quiz: 10 questions to test your responses to various emergencies.

Instructor: Jon Geller, D.V.M., DABVP, is an emergency veterinarian and freelance writer in Fort Collins, Colo. He recently became board-certified in canine and feline medicine, and is also certified by the American Society of Veterinary Journalists. He shares his home with his family, including three cats and one dog.

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Psychology 301: How Dogs Learn:

Reading Assignment: Learn about the scientists who discovered how dogs think, and find out how to use canine psychology to teach your dog basic behaviors.

Video: Watch three videos demonstrating three different ways to train a dog using a clicker.

Quiz:10 questions to test your knowledge of canine psychology.

Instructor: Terry Long, CPDT-KA, an award-winning writer, is the founder of DogPACT, a training and behavior consultation service in Long Beach, Calif., where she helps people understand why their dogs do what they do and how to use positive reinforcement to change behavior.

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Dog College 1st Semester Course Catalogue View a printable course catalog for first semester


Social Ecology 301: Making a Difference: In this course, you’ll learn how individuals and community organizations can benefit the lives of our dogs and make a local, national and global impact.

Reading Assignment: Read about the Pongo Fund, an organization that gives away dog food to needy families, and learn how to effect change for dogs in your community.

Video: Helping dogs begins with identifying your own skills and abilities. Find out simple ways to maximize your impact and better the lives of dogs.

Quiz: 10 questions that test your knowledge about social ecology.

Instructor:Wendy Bedwell-Wilson writes about life with pets from her home in Southwest Oregon, which she shares with a retired racing Greyhound, a hound mix and a barnyard full of critters

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History 301: History of Dogs: The modern dog is the product of evolutionary occurrences over many thousands of years and human interventions happening over only hundreds of years. Explore the history of man’s best friend from his origins as a timid wolf who learned to live alongside humans to his current state of beloved family pet.

Reading Assignment:Learn about how dogs became domesticated and evolved from wild wolves to our faithful companions over the span of thousands of years.

Chart: Explore a timeline of important canine historical milestones.

Quiz:10 questions to test your knowledge of canine history.

Instructor: Maureen Kochan is the former editor of DOG FANCY. She lives in Southern California with her family and two dogs..

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Geriatrics 301: How Dogs Age: By understanding how our dogs age we can better help them to grow old gracefully. This course will examine what happens as our canine friends grow older.

Reading Assignment: Learn about how the normal aging process affects your dog’s energy levels, nutritional needs, digestion, vision, hearing and other faculties, and makes your dog more susceptible to certain medical issues, such as cancer or heart problems.

Chart: Depending on breed type, some dogs are more susceptible to age-related problems earlier in their lives.

Quiz:10 questions to test your knowledge of canine geriatrics.

Instructor: Diana Laverdure writes nationally on a variety of dog-care topics and is the creator of The Happy Dog Spot, a website devoted to helping dog lovers take better care of their canine companions.

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Dog College 2nd Semester Course Catalogue View a printable course catalog for second semester


Mythology 301: Dogs in Mythology: Dogs have been present in the mythology of many cultures throughout history. This course will explore why dogs are omnipresent in these myths.

Reading Assignment: Learn about the significance of dogs in mythology.

Map: Interactive map showing dog mythology around the world.

Quiz: 10 questions to test your knowledge of dogs in mythology.

Instructor: Ramona Marek, a former special education teacher, holds a master’s degree in education. Her heart is full of sweet memories of family dogs who enriched her life, in particular a spaniel mix named Neal who loved playing in the New Mexico snow.

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Dog Law 301: Dog Law in Our Daily Lives: In an attempt to balance the rights of dog owners with the rights and safety of the public, laws impact a wide variety of owners’ daily decisions. While our dog is legally defined as property, laws control how we handle property. This class will explore this topic through several key legal issues.

Reading Assignment: From leash laws to barking ordinances and more, learn about how communities regulate dog ownership in everyday life.

Chart: A guide to five legal issues we encounter everyday involving dogs in the past, present and future.

Quiz: 10 questions to test your knowledge of dog laws.

Instructor: Lynn Hayner, J.D., a retired attorney and historian, is a contributing editor with DOG FANCY. A lifelong owner of German Shepherd Dogs, she enjoys exploring the development of animal law in our society.

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History 301: Famous U.S. Dogs: Dogs have helped us in countless ways from the very beginnings of our country. This course will introduce you to five of the most famous in U.S. history – and some not so well known.

Reading Assignment: Many unsung heroes never find their way into history books, including countless canine history-makers. In different ways, each of these five dogs had an impact on American history.

Video: A showcase of five dogs that left their mark on U.S. history.

Quiz: 10 questions to test your knowledge of five historic dogs.

Instructor:Amy Fernandez is former president of Dog Writers Association of America, and is a regular columnist and contributors to dog magazines. Her recently published books include "Training Your Dachshund" (Barrons, 2008) and "The Poodle" (TFH, 2008). She has owned Chihuahuas since 1970 and bred and shown Chinese Cresteds since 1981.

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Dog College Third Semester Course Catalogue View a printable course catalog for third semester


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Lillian - 4226   Eugene, OR

11/9/2014 6:50:59 AM

I just finished Semester 3 and had fun doing this!

User Avatar

Farm Diva   Ashland, KY

3/28/2012 1:30:16 PM

This is a really nifty learning site.

User Avatar

Kiley Rae   Omaha, NE

2/16/2012 8:48:23 AM

Am on my 2nd Rottweiler... my mother grew up with a big black German Shepherd named Thor. Can't say I ever knew Thor's mythological dog companion was my breed! =) Fun fact.

User Avatar

Liv   Chicago, IL

11/10/2011 8:11:40 AM

FINNALLY finished this level! I didn't really like the famous dogs history 301 class but I liked the mythology 301 class! I wish graduation day was sooner-can't waite!

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