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Dog Law - Level 3

In an attempt to balance the rights of dog owners with the rights and safety of the public, laws impact a wide variety of owners’ daily decisions. While our dog is legally defined as property, laws control how we handle property. This class will explore this topic through several key legal issues.

Reading assignment: From leash laws to barking ordinances and more, learn about how communities regulate dog ownership in everyday life.

Chart: A guide to five legal issues we encounter everyday involving dogs in the past, present and future.

Quiz: 10 questions to test your knowledge of canine history.

Lynn Hayner, J.D.


Instructor: Lynn Hayner, J.D., a retired attorney and historian, is a contributing editor with DOG FANCY. A lifelong owner of German Shepherd Dogs, she enjoys exploring the development of animal law in our society.


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Sarah - 243618   Port Charlotte, FL

9/14/2012 10:45:47 AM

Very Challenging Info. But it would be interesting to view some case studies where the dog is not at fault with attacks. I personally saw an account where a child basically attacked the dog/held the dog against it's will and in turn the dog communicated verbally and struggled to get out of the firm grip. The only way to communicate to the pre-teen child was to bite. Nothing came of the situation thankfully and the dog was up to date with all shots. In cases like this I think dogs should have some rights. The child was definitively in the wrong and was previously warned verbally by the adult present and the dog herself by struggling to release herself and growling so inform the child to let her go were ignored. Some may disagree but I think the child deserved the reaction and consequence for his inappropriate behavior and handling of the dog. Consider yourself if someone you didn't know jumped you and you couldn't get free. Would you not struggle and scream? This dog reacted like anyone else would. Perhaps even you would try to bite or injury someone who did this to you. In some area I think dogs are unjustly treated by laws and some of course are pretty logical and necessary. If this case had turned out differently I know I would protest and try to speak up for the many dogs unjustly treated because people don't care and treat the dog in humane ways.

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Kiley Rae Prososki   Omaha, NE

4/2/2012 2:56:44 PM

Idea for Dog College 500: Law: Rights & Responsibilities. The reading material could include a couple case examples with the outcomes. All the dog law courses have good info. Haven't seen what happens when the dog DOES attack. This could potentially make people be more responsibilities, & it could educate people on what to do if THEY are attacked from a dog (like consequential damages, pain & suffering, what can happen to a dog that DOES attack,) I could even write this course for DC.

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Sharon   Cleveland, TN

3/11/2011 11:48:56 AM

I really enjoy this class. It answer some questions?

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Monique   APO, AE

3/7/2011 11:04:55 AM

In reference of the questions folks missed saying it was not included in the reading, the answers are there. The off-leash was dogs are legally considered property and only one choice listed property. The second on the courts ruling and there is a quotation supporting the right answer in Number of Dogs.

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