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June 2009

Toys for dogs. Check out the latest and greatest products in the dog-toy industry: what’s in, what’s out, and what’s going extinct. We’ll tell you all about the newest trends to keep your dog active and entertained, and what she’ll want to play with all summer long.

America’s best dog parks. Our readers nominated parks across the nation, and we reveal the winner of DOG FANCY’s annual America’s Best Dog Parks contest. Find out what makes the No. 1 park so special, and what others in our top-10 picks have to offer. We even have tips to help you get your own dog park started.

Take a trip. You need a vacation — and so does your dog. We’ve got three fun trips that won’t break the bank or leave your dog out of the loop. A change of scenery can strengthen your bond, and you’ll both return with special memories.

Kayaking with your canine. If your dog is a water lover, why not grab a paddle and take her kayaking? You’ll both get some exercise and enjoy the best of summer fun.

Meet the playful Cocker Spaniel, the reliable Tibetan Mastiff, and the gentle Borzoi.

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