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Dog Recipes

Looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy? Cooking for your dog can be a delicious and nutritious treat for your best friend and fun for you too!

Whether you want to make your dog's meals at home, find healthy dog food supplements, or just want to surprise your furry friend with a snack, these doggie delights are sure to please even the pickiest eater.

Find recipes for homemade dog food, dog snacks, holiday dog cookies, dog treats and more. 

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Pup-tato Skins Recipe

A potato favorite that will make tails wag! Try this simple recipe for dog-friendly potato skins.

Deviled Doggie Eggs

A classic snack gets a canine makeover for a healthy doggie treat.

Dog-Friendly Cucumber Dip

Tired of telling begging eyes to look away while you eat? Make a snack you and your dog can share!

Puppermint Dog Treats

A holiday favorite your dog is sure to love, these dog cookies are a safe way to treat your dog this holiday season.

Parsley Fresh-Breath Treats For Your Dog

Spice up your dog's life with a delicious snack that will make his breath smell fresh!


Football Dog Treats: Touchdown Tasties

Planning a night of football fun? Don't forget Fido! Check out a recipe for Football-themed dog treats that are sure to please.

Make Your Own Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

With a cloud hanging over jerky treats from China, drying your own jerky means total control over ingredients.

Pumpkin Paw Prints Recipe

Fall into the holiday season with this easy to make pumpkin dog treat for your dog.

Vegetables For Dogs

Discover what vegetables dogs can eat for a healthy treat.

Garlic Liver Dog Treat Recipe

Prepare these nutritious and delicious homemade treats for your best friend.


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