Grooming Your Dog

Don't be shy about getting to know a potential groomer.

By Virginia Parker Guidry |


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20 Questions for Your Potential Groomer
Don't be shy about getting to know a potential groomer. Here are 20 suggested questions.

1. How long have you been grooming?
2. How did you learn to groom?
3. How many pets do you groom each day?
4. How many groomers work in the salon?
5. Can you groom every breed?
6. Do you specialize in a particular breed?
7. Are you certified?
8. Do you compete in grooming contests?
9. Have you recently attended any grooming or animal-care seminars?
10. Do you attend dog shows?
11. Do you breed dogs?
12. Do you belong to a dog club?
13. How do you handle difficult dogs?
14. How do you handle puppies or older dogs?
15. What grooming products do you use on the dogs?
16. What are the salon vaccination requirements?
17. Could you describe your salon clean-up routine?
18. Can you provide the names and phone numbers of a few customers?
19. What are your prices, and what is included in the fee?
20. What pet supplies do you sell, if any?


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Stephania Sims   Chicago, IL

6/17/2007 6:07:04 PM

If you are good and gentle with your dog it should work out. But if you can afford it, it's better to take him to a groomer!

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