Dog Grooming

A Kid-Friendly, Clean Dog

Some dog breeds are great with kids and shed less than others.

Bathing and Grooming a Pit Bull Puppy

The sooner you get a Pit Bull puppy used to grooming and nail trimming the better.

Hand-Stripping a Dog’s Coat

Especially in hot summer months, hand-stripping a dog’s coat is an essential part of grooming certain dog breeds.

Dog With Foot-Licking Obsession

Several factors could be contributing to a dog’s obsession with his paws.

Grooming a Briard

The beautiful yet rugged Briard requires a dedicated owner to maintain the appropriate grooming regimen.


Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Find dog breeds that don't shed or are less likely to shed. There are many small, medium and large breeds of dogs that don't shed or are light shedders.

Are You Guilty of Over-Grooming?

Some breeds should be shown in the ring naturally with minimal grooming.

Australian Shepherds May Not Need Haircuts

A well-groomed Aussie coat keeps the dog cool and handsome.

Essential Fatty Acids and Your Dog’s Coat

Your dog’s drab or dry coat could benefit from essential fatty acids.

Bichon Frise Grooming Phobia

Bichon Frise hates being groomed.


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