Dog Grooming

Hard as Nails

Training a reluctant dog to become accustomed to regular nail trimming.

Hair of the Dog

Grooming tools and techniques every Coton de Tulear owner should be aware of.

Bichon Family Basics

What kind of grooming regimen should you expect when owning one of the Bichon breeds?

Five Tips for Managing Dog Hair

DogChannel offers five tips for winning your war on shed coat everywhere.

What to Look for in a Dog Groomer

Investigate and visit several dog groomers to determine which will be best for your pet.


How to Bathe a Dog

A photo slide show walks you through the steps to get your dirty dog clean.

Dog Skin Irritated After Grooming

If a dog returns from the groomer with skin irritation, a return trip can help soothe her.

Dog Grooming for Convenience

A Labrador Retriever-Poodle mix with a wiry coat can be trimmed short for easy maintenance.

What It Takes to Be a Dog Groomer

Find out what interests, skills, and other qualities are necessary to become a dog grooming professional.

Basics of Bouvier Grooming

Grooming a Bouvier des Flandres requires proper styling and technique, or an experience groomer.


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