Dog Grooming

Havanese With a Puppy Cut

The Havanese coat should be long and flowing in the show ring, but can be cut short on a pet.

How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel

Tips to correctly groom a Cocker Spaniel at home.

Cleaning a Dirty Dog

The right shampoo and conditioner won’t dry out a dog who needs to be bathed frequently.

A Dog Groomer’s Dilemma

A groomer must explain to an owner that shaving a dog is necessary for the pet’s health and comfort.

The Basics of Brushing a Dog’s Coat

How often, for how long, and what tools you need to correctly brush a dog depend on the breed.


Problems Drying a Maltese

Introduce a quieter blow dyer in small steps to dry a spooked Maltese.

Grooming an Aggressive Shelter Dog

An abused dog growls and snarls at the groomer, forcing his owners to try grooming him at home.

Cocker Spaniel With Skin Problems

Consult with a vet to determine the cause of a dog’s tarry skin patches.

Giving a Dog a Sanitary Trim

Clipping a dog’s genital area requires great care and the right tools.

Dog’s Short Coat Could Mean Fewer Groomer Trips

Keeping a Yorkshire Terrier in a shorter coat could make life easier on both dog and owner.


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