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Dog Grooming

Brushing a Pomeranian’s Coat

Tips for brushing a Pomeranian’s undercoat and outercoat to achieve the perfect look.

Grooming a Puppy Who Doesn’t Like to Be Touched

Training and socializing your puppy is key to successful trips to the groomer.

Relief for Dog Ear Infections

While trying to find the cause of chronic ear infections, dog owners can treat symptoms with daily cleaning.

Calming a Puppy For Dog Grooming

There are ways to calm a rambunctious puppy before a trip to the groomer’s.


Tools for Dog Grooming at Home

What to do when your dog grooming scissors go dull.

Managing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s Shedding

Yes, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi sheds, but owners can keep hair under control with a few tools.

Home Grooming Tips for Shih Tzu Owners

Try these tips for grooming your Shih Tzu at home.

A Kid-Friendly, Clean Dog

Some dog breeds are great with kids and shed less than others.

Bathing and Grooming a Pit Bull Puppy

The sooner you get a Pit Bull puppy used to grooming and nail trimming the better.


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