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Welsh Springer Spaniel Washout

Get easy, do-it-yourself grooming tips.

Make Your Bloodhound Beautiful!

Discover easy, do-it-yourself grooming tips.

Tiptoe Through Rottie Grooming

Overcome grooming apprehension with quick tips to routine.

Tangle With Dog's Coat Tangles and Win

Tangles and mats in your dog's coat can be prevented. All it takes is regular, thorough brushing.

Looking for a Dog Groomer?

Five tips for finding a great dog groomer.

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Give Your Dog's Calluses Soft Treatment

An expert answers questions on dog care.

Home Dog Grooming?

10 tips to minimize a dog grooming mess.

Puppy Grooming Takes Preparation, Patience and Practice

No matter the breed, size or coat type, your new pup requires basic grooming to maintain its good looks and health.

The Odor Answer

Tackle that doggie smell with regular bathing and specially designed household products.

Stay Sharp: Maintain Your Dog's Grooming Equipment

You need the right dog grooming equipment to create a masterpiece.

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