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Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Learn the symptoms of this ailment and how to protect your dog from it.

Cleaning 101 For Dog Owners

How to deal with common canine messes to maintain a clean and happy home.

Ease The Wheezing

Take control of doggie allergens.

Dog Allergies Can Cause Paw Chewing

Atopic dermatitis, or inhalant allergy in dogs, is similar to hay fever in humans except that the result is usually foot-chewing rather than respiratory signs.

Rusty Fur Stains

Allergies, mites, or other reasons may cause a dog's fur to discolor.

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Prevent Puppy Ear Infection

Prevent ear infections by keeping your puppy's ears clean.

A Practical Past Shapes the Present

A grooming contest takes place somewhere in the United States just about every month.

10 Tips to Minimize Mess

You might save money grooming your dog at home, but you still pay a price in a big mess.

10 Tips for Brushing Your Dog's Coat

Great tips on brushing your dog's coat.

Bathing Your Puppy

Follow our guide to bathing your puppy.

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