Dog Dental Care

How to Brush a Dog's Teeth

Start your dog on a healthy dental regimen with help from this step-by-step slide show.

Dog Odor

Dog odor may be caused by a variety of conditions.

Dog Dental Care in 1923

The Dog World editors share some advice on caring for your dog’s teeth in this 1923 Dog World article.

Dog’s Teeth Cause Bad Breath

Read about the causes and treatments of bad breath in dogs, according to veterinarians back in 1923, in this Dog World dental care article.

Use Pain Medication Carefully for Dogs

Human medications often work for dogs, but dose carefully with your veterinarian's help.


Dog's Teeth Are Falling Out

Once a dog's teeth become loose, a dentistry procedure is the best option.

Teeth Cleaning for Older Dogs

Make sure your veterinarian takes the proper care in anesthesizing an older dog.

Beyond Clean Teeth

Your dog's oral health matters more than you think. Are you doing all you can?

Dental Disease in Dogs

How and why you need to prevent dental disease in dogs of all ages.

Looking Out for Doggie Dental Health

Just like people, dogs need regular dental care and routine checkups.


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