Dog Parasites

Studies Show Heartworm Prevalent in U.S.

Novartis Animal Health says studies on dogs reveal heartworm and intestinal parasites remain widespread.

Controlling Heartworm in Dogs

New treatments are proving effective in controlling heartworm in dogs.

Natural Remedies for Dogs

Organic products can help keep pests that bother your dog under control.

Repelling Mosquitoes

Sidebar: Shoo Away Mosquitoes

Ear Mites in Dogs

Leslie Sinclair, DVM explains how to identify and treat ear mites on your dog.


Stopping Heartworm Disease in Dogs

A veterinarian offers advice on preventing deadly heartworms in your dog.

Advice About Tapeworms in Dogs

Find out what Leslie Sinclair, DVM recommends for battling tapeworms in your dog.

Ask the Vet About Dogs: Parasites

A vet explains how to battle the bugs that can infect your dog.

All Heartworm Is Local

An expert answers your questions about heartworm prevention.

Note from the Dog Vet

Learn how to protect your dog from parasites that can infect your dog -- even you.


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