Jog Your Way to a Healthier Dog

Many dogs need more exercise than a walk can provide.


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Once your pet has relaxed, massage a little harder so you can work those sore muscles. If in doubt about how to do the massage, practice on your leg. How does that feel? Does the massage simply move the skin, or are you actually massaging the muscle? If your dog seems to be in pain and massages don't relieve it, call your veterinarian.

My husband jogs with our Australian Shepherd, Dax, several times a week. He started because he needed the exercise and cardiovascular workout, and Dax needed the exercise. It has become a special time for both of them. When he puts on his running clothes and shoes, Dax starts whining and dancing, knowing she will be going with him. When he picks up her leash, she pushes her head through her collar and her body language says, "Let's go! Hurry up! Let's go!"

When they get back, they relax together in the living room, each drinking water. It's a wonderful bonding time for both of them.

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