Dog Care

The Fight Against Fleas

We're better armed than ever for the Battle of the Bug. Learn how to keep your pet—and your home—free of fleas.

All About Dog Ticks and Fleas

Discover more about external parasites, such as fleas and ticks, that can infest your dog and your house.

Funding For Canine Health Research

The AKC Canine Health Foundation announces approval of 17 research grants to 13 research institutions and universities.

Vitamins and Minerals for Dogs

Not sure which vitamin or mineral to give your dog? Learn about the most important ones and what they do.

Dog Halloween Safety

Halloween is filled with frights, but you can leave the spooks to the ghosts this holiday by keeping your dog out of harms way.


Vegetables For Dogs

Discover what vegetables dogs can eat for a healthy treat.

13 Best Fruits for Dogs to Eat

Discover what fruit dogs can and cannot eat for a healthy treat.

Golden Retriever Study Opens for Enrollment

Enrollment has begun for the expansive Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, according to Morris Animal Foundation, which is sponsoring the research.

MUTTerings: Long Distance Dog Diagnosis

You can do anything online these days, even get medical advice for your dog --but should you?


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