Dog Care

MUTTerings: Houndsight is 20/20

When your dog has a health problem are you willing to go the extra mile? What do you consider above and beyond?

Ask The Natural Vet

A Lab seems to have lost energy and can't lose weight. Deva Khalsa, V.M.D., discusses the owner's options.

5 Tips For Protecting Your Pets From Wildlife

As communities grow and expand, wild animals are losing their natural habitat and are becoming acclimated to urban and suburban surroundings.

The Hidden Dangers of Chocolate

While most people have heard that chocolate is in fact a danger to dogs (and it is), the questions remain: WHY!? Exactly how dangerous is it? What do I do if my dog eats chocolate?

Bubble on Dog's Ear Flap

Aural hematomas require the attention of a vet.


Dog Aging Chart

Find out your dog's relative age in human years with help from a handy chart.

Onions and Garlic are Unsafe for Dogs

This video discusses the negative affects of dogs eating onions or garlic.

Can Medication Make Your Dog Sick?

Assess drug side effects with the following five tips.

Dental Disease in Dogs

How and why you need to prevent dental disease in dogs of all ages.

Watch Dogs for Signs of Leptospirosis

A potentially fatal bacterial disease, leptospirosis is becoming more common.


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