Dog Care

A Dog Uterine Infection

Pyometra is a real danger for older, intact bitches.

Old Bitch? Spay Her!

The chances of your older intact bitch contracting certain diseases increases as the dog gets older.

7 Essential Tips for Living With a Diabetic Dog

How to successfully manage your dog’s diabetes in your everyday life.

Dog Heatstroke Survival Guide

Know how to treat and prevent this dangerous condition.

To Prevent and Protect

One size does not fit all when it comes to canine vaccination.


Beyond the Bite

More than discomfort, fleas and other bugs can cause serious illnesses in dogs.

Responding to a Dog’s Medical Emergency

Test your knowledge with a quiz about how to handle the most common medical emergencies dog owners face.

Breeders and Newborn Puppies

Raise the odds of puppy survival with these six tips.

Basic Concepts for Breeding Dogs

Learn these basic concepts and start your breeding program on the right foot.

Dog DNA and Humans

Canine DNA yields answers for humans


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