Dog Care

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Hip Dysplasia Success Story

Discover how one owner learned to manage her dog’s hip dysplasia.

Note from the Dog Vet

The conditions that I feature in my book are more likely to affect your dog and to prompt you to seek additional information.

Dogs with Nosebleeds

Why does my dog's nose bleed?

Dog Nose Losing Pigment

An expert answers your healthcare questions about dogs.

Organ Transplants for Dogs

Where do dog owners and veterinarians draw the line?


Finding a Vet for Your Dog

Visit and ask questions before you choose a vet for your dog.

Spaying Your Dog: Dog Spay Surgery From Start to Finish

Everything you need to know about this important procedure for your female dog.

The Price of Poor Nutrition for Dogs

Good nutrition for your dog is key for a healthy, active life.

Wonder Food

An important trend in nutrition research is aimed at preventing disease, not just treating it.

Establishing a Healthcare Regimen for Your Dog

Should you choose holistic care, conventional care or both?


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