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Articles related to your dog's health and well-being.

Dog Heatstroke Survival Guide

Know how to treat and prevent this dangerous condition.

Practice Sun Safety for Your Dog

While you may deal with summer heat just fine, your dog isn't as efficient in the cooling department.

Be Alert for Subtle Health Issues in Your Dog

Many of the diseases that cause kidney damage can be treated, thereby preventing further damage.

Stop a Common Dog Killer

Intestinal blockages send thousands of dogs to the vet each year.

Protect Your Dog This Winter

Lower temperatures require special care to keep your dog healthy throughout the cold months.


Preparing Dog Owners for Emergencies

The California Veterinary Medical Association offers a few recommendations for what to keep in an emergency kit for your dog.

Dog Pool Safety

Take these three steps to safely introduce your dog to the water.

Make Your Own Dog First-Aid Kit

How to assemble a kit for your dog.

Grooming Dogs in Cold Weather

Colder temperatures mean dog owners should change their grooming routine during winter months.

Winter Play Still Demands Water

Proper hydration is just as important for dogs in cooler temperatures.


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