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5 Dog Toxins You May Not Know About

Dogs are notorious for chewing things, so it’s important to know what is dangerous and what to look out for if your dog eats the wrong thing.

Four Tips For The Fourth

Find out what you can do to make the Fourth of July a safe and fun holiday for everyone.

Beat the Heat

As the mercury marches upward, it’s time for dog owners to bone up on hot-weather dog care.

Summer Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Summer sun of course brings fun, but summer can also bring flowers and substances that are dangerous to dogs.

Three Steps to Better Dog Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Month and it’s a great time to commit to your dog’s dental health. Follow these three steps to good dog dental hygiene.


Conference Explores Advances in Dog Health

AKC Canine Health Foundation's sixth National Canine Health Conference.

Dog DNA Helps Researchers Fight a Terminal Disease

Once the disease gene is identified, researchers can develop a test that would enable breeders to screen dogs prior to breeding to prevent generating affected dogs in the future.

Safety Takes Front Seat in Dog Training Education

New dog-safety guidelines to be available by year's end.

Researchers Decode DNA of Dogs

Genome sequence analysis could help eradicate disease and improve health in purebred dogs.

Animal Cruelty Prevention Tips for Dogs

In recognition of animal cruelty prevention month, the ASPCA outlines tips for preventing dog abuse.


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