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Gross! My Dog Drinks from the Toilet!

Does your dog have a potty mouth? Find out why he drinks out of the toilet and help him break his dirty habit.

9 Things You Need to Know About Microchipping

What the heck is microchipping, and why is it important to your dog?

Guide to Canine Cancer: Your Most Common Questions Answered

From signs and symptoms to what to do if your dog's been diagnosed, get the important dog cancer information you need.

PetSmart Joins Petco in Eliminating Chinese Pet Treats

Chinese-made dog and cat treats are on the way out of two of the nation’s largest sellers of pet supplies by March 2015.

Illness and Deaths Related to Jerky Treats Continue to Baffle FDA

In a mystery that has spanned 7 years the FDA is still unable to determine what is causing illness in dogs and now people, who have eaten pet jerky products.


Parvo Outbreak Plagues Los Angeles County

An outbreak of canine parvovirus is getting worse according to Los Angeles County officials.

Top 10 Reasons Your Dog is Taking a Trip to the Vet

Ever look around a vet’s office and wonder why everyone is there? See the conditions most likely to land dogs and their owners in the waiting room.

Into The Sunset Offers End of Life Care

A hospice center helps care for dogs, cats and the people who love them, through the pet's final days.

Are Mushrooms Poisonous to Dogs?

Growing in your backyard, parks and even city streets, this common plant could harm your pet.

6 Tips for Keeping Poisons Away from Your Dog

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month - put your poison prevention skills to the test.


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