Dog Care

Canine Cancer: Lymphoma

Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this common canine cancer.

What is the Most Common Type of Canine Cancer Diagnosed?

Find out the 6 most common dog cancers veterinarians and veterinary oncologists diagnose and meet patients who have fought and surrvived them.

Companion Animal Parasite Council Urges Additional Heartworm Tests

An increase in the number of false-negative results for heartworm tests has led the organization to encourage more testing.

Why do Dogs "Scoot" or Drag their Butts on the Floor?

Does your dog use your carpet like it's ultra soft toilet paper? Or maybe as a personal rear scratching post?

Can Dogs Experience Jealousy?

Is your dog green with envy? Mad at you? Are his feelings hurt? New study opens up a window into the mind and emotions of our best friends.


New Heartgard Made for Dogs With Food Allergies

The oral heartworm preventive Heartgard now comes in tablet form for dogs that have food allergies.

Study Reveals Negative Effects of Sterilization in Goldens and Labs

Research reveals negative long-term consequences for Golden Retrievers.

Bee Careful: Everything You Need to Know About Dog Bee Stings

It is bee season out in the warm summer months. Make sure your dog is safe from those nasty bee stings.

Why Do Dogs Hump?

While this topic may cause a laugh or a snicker, it can be a real problem for owners, causing embarrassment and affecting your dog's social life.


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