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Golden Retriever Study Opens for Enrollment

Enrollment has begun for the expansive Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, according to Morris Animal Foundation, which is sponsoring the research.

MUTTerings: Long Distance Dog Diagnosis

You can do anything online these days, even get medical advice for your dog --but should you?

Top Veterinary Groups Target Raw Diets

Two of the nation’s top veterinary medical associations have come out with recommendations opposing feeding raw diets to dogs.

Dog Vitamins and Supplements

If you pop a multivitamin every morning, should you be tossing your dog a canine supplement as well?


9 Things You Need to Know About Your Senior Dog's Diet Needs

Fight the effects of aging with these tips on choosing food fit for your senior dog's needs.

Your Athletic Dog's Diet

Athletic dogs work hard year-round and need more fuel than the average indoor dog to maintain good health.

Six Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

During the dog days of summer, heat safety is crucial to your two-legged family members as well as your four-legged ones. Check out these tips to keep your whole family cool this summer.

Canine Rabies Exemptions

Ill and senior dogs may be elibilge for an exemption from the rabies vaccination.

Five Dog Safety Tips For The 4th

Make sure everyone in your house has a fun Independence Day, including your dog. Fourth of July fireworks, food, drinks – all pose a potential threat to the family dog. Running away, poisoning, or accidents that sometimes lead to death are among the top tragedies of the day.


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