Shiny, Happy Puppies

Give your puppy a healthy start by covering these dog basics.


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When: Look for fleas and ticks during daily grooming sessions. Spot-on adulticides can be administered anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks. Check the label of the product you are using, or check with your veterinarian. Also, begin heartworm prevention—pills or chewables—at 8 weeks.

Remember: New insect growth regulators and spot-on adulticides are the cutting edge of pet pest control. Following the directions on the packaging yields a virtually pest-free existence for most dogs.

The Veterinarian View: "When we talk to new puppy owners, we always talk about pest control and strongly recommend that as soon as a pup turns 8 weeks old she be started on a year-round regimen of an insect growth regulator and heartworm prevention," says Jay Empel, DVM.

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