Senior Dogs

Aah, The Golden Years

Announcing the winners of our photo contest for senior dogs.

Senior Dog Comfort Solutions

10 simple ways to make your aging dog's life easier.

Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

Senior dogs enrich their owners lives with "as good as gold" companionship.

Aged to Perfection

Announcing the winners of our 2007 Golden Years Photo Contest.

10 Best Foods to Feed Your Senior Dog

Include these foods in your older dog’s diet to meet its specific nutritional needs.


Caring for a Deaf Dog

Tips to help make your hearing-impaired dog’s life easier.

Home Care for the Arthritic Dog

Tips to manage your older dog’s arthritis.

Elderly Japanese Dogs Golden Years to Be Spent in Luxury Retirement Homes

I don’t know if there is a minimum age, but I hope it is in dog years.

On the Offense for Senior Dogs

Four proactive dog care strategies to implement now.

Why You Should Overhaul Your Senior Dog’s Diet

Fight the effects of your aging dog with a customized diet.


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