Senior Dogs

MUTTerings: Natural vs Euthanasia

An agonizing lesson in saying goodbye. The struggle by all of us as owners to "do the right thing’’ when our beloved dogs reach their final days.

9 Things You Need to Know About Your Senior Dog's Diet Needs

Fight the effects of aging with these tips on choosing food fit for your senior dog's needs.

New Hope for Senior Dogs

'Senile' dogs may get a second chance.

Comfort Considerations for Your Senior Dog

Signs your dog is in pain, plus other senior dog concerns.

Own a Senior Dog?

Check out five key points to life with an older dog.


Top Tips for Senior Dog Comfort

Simple changes make your senior dog more comfortable.

Canine Brainpower

Use these tricks to keep your old dog mentally fit.

Signs of Old Age in Dogs

The common signs of animal aging.

Give Your Senior Dog a Boost

Ramps make life easier for senior dogs.

Cutting-Edge Care for Older Dogs

Advances in treatment of 15 geriatric diseases for dogs parallel those for humans.


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