Dog Care

How Dogs Keep Us Healthy

Researchers are finding that dogs can keep us emotionally and physically healthier.

Dog Paws: The Foundation of Fitness

Keep your dog's activities on solid footing.

Salt Dough Ornaments Dangerous to Dogs

These homemade ornaments contain toxic levels of salt.

Ear Cropping No Longer Makes the "Cut" in Western Canada

Veterinarians who perform medically unnecessary ear crops could face discipline in British Columbia.

They Ate What? X-Ray Contest Gives "Inside" Look to the Things Dogs Eat

Many dogs try to eat things that shouldn't, but some dogs take it to a whole other level.


Getting Health Insurance for Your Dog

Here are some questions to consider before buying pet health insurance for your dog.

Coconut Oil For Dogs

Is coconut oil safe for dogs? Should coconut oil become an important staple to your dog’s health routine?

World's Ugliest Dog: A Veterinarian's Perespective

A healthy look at the "Ugliest Dog" contest and this year's winner.

Have You Heard? 10 Unique Facts About Your Dog’s Hearing

Do you hear what I hear? We take an in-depth look at your dog's ears.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Will Evaluate 3,000 Dogs!

A ground breaking study will follow the health and wellness of dogs throughout their lives.


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