40th Annual Exhibit of Westminster Kennel Club Smashes All Attendance Marks

Society was well represented and many noted dog owners, breeders and enthusiasts were seen in and about the show rings.

By Dog World Eds. | Posted: Jun 8, 2012, 8 a.m. EST

From the Archives of Dog World: Enjoy this all-access pass to dog history from the pages of the longest published dog magazine. This content remains in its original form and reflects the language and views of its time. Health and behavior information evolves and only the most current advice should be followed.Dog World March 1916

The turnstile attendance figures were set at 7,200 and broke all previous records for this fixture. Every variety of dog known to man was on exhibition, from the fox terrier to the latest addition to canine circles, the truffles-hunter. This new animal was entered in the miscellaneous class by his owner, Lorenza Robba, and is to be known to fame as Prinz Forino.

The fair sex, which was very well represented, displayed chief interest in the smaller members of the dog world on exhibit in the concert hall. The Pekingese, toy spaniels, Brussels Griffons and Chihuahuas reposed in lordly state in glass and wire cages in this room, surrounded by admiring owners, maids and spectators. The spectators were in the minority, for each of these diminutive animals had two or three attendants.

Among the other prominent exhibitors were Raymond Belmont, Robert Goelet, C.O Iselin, Jr. and Mrs. A. Vanerbilt Webb.

Excerpted from Dog World, March 1916, Vol. 1, No. 3. For back issues of Dog World, click here.


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