Considering a Toy Fox Terrier

A prospective Toy Fox Terrier owner considers the breed’s energy level and size.


Q. I am, looking to buy a Toy Fox Terrier puppy in the spring. I am in a wheelchair but out everyday when weather permits. I know they are very active dogs, but my chair is electric, so getting exercise running along with me will be no problem for the pup. I live in rather a large apartment so play time indoors in poor weather will be happy time for her as well. She will also be litterbox-trained as my last dog was.

I chose a TFT because they are a good size for an apartment, very smart, and quick to learn. I am hoping to be able to train her to help me with different tasks I need assistance with. I also like their look.

My question to you is, can you see any problems I might run into by purchasing this breed of dog for my companion? I have researched a lot of dog breeds and this is the dog I have been drawn to. My last dog was a 10-pound. Chihuahua.

A. It is clear you have put a lot of thought into this new puppy and I think this Toy Fox Terrier will have a great home with you. A TFT won’t get too much bigger than your 10-pound Chihuahua was, and the intelligence and energy levels of both breeds should be comparable. You have addressed the question of exercise indoors and out, and you sound like a good trainer as well. My best wishes to you both.


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kgrob   Jerome, MI

4/5/2013 7:33:07 AM

I have a 4 year old female named Delilah and she is the sweetest ...smartest little girl. You will absolutely enjoy her company!

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justanita   Las Vegas, NV

3/22/2013 2:56:13 AM

My Wylie Coyote is a feisty little soul, it doesn't make any difference how big you are, he's not going to back down if he thinks you might harm me. I tell him all the time you belong to me and you have to be a good dog, it will upset him and he will walk away and go pout for awhile. After about 20 minutes he comes back just to let me know he has forgiven me for hurting his pride. He is a smart little soul, I've never realy had to teach him anything, all I have to do is talk to him and explain what he is to do and walk him through it and you will be set to go. Doesn't make any difference what I do, he is going to be right beside me. Not to crazy about the water but loves the sprinkler and gives it a run for the money whenever I turn it on. Bought him a little toddler wading pool and when things start to warm up here in Vegas, he jumps in and paddles around a bit to cool off, then finds a spot to lay down and take a nap. I am looking for a puppy right now, my female, Kricket had a brain tumor and had to be put down, broke Wylies heart. Told him I was going to find him a new playmate. Soon, I hope, we both miss Kricket, Wylies just hasn't been the same since shes been gone.

Anita Las Vegas,

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Beverly   Jasonville, IN

12/11/2011 4:56:49 PM

I am not in a wheel chair as yet. But these Toy Fox Terrier Dogs does wonders for a person like us. They are so loveable and sweet and you don't have to take them outside in winter. They use Puppy pads. They like to be near you. Also they watch out for you. We have 3 and 2 new puppies now. So if you would like to look on facebook for Beverly Burris Jasonville, In you can see my new puppies. I know you will love this type of dog. And God Bless You!!! And know that God will find you a Dog that will help you. Everyone should have a smart dog.

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