Allan Reznik

Expert Profile:
Allan Reznik

Dog Breed and Dog Show Expert


Joined: Summer of 2002

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pets: Tibetan Spaniels and Afghan Hound

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Allan Reznik has been immersed in the world of dogs – as an owner, breeder, dog-show exhibitor, handler, print and broadcast journalist, and occasional judge – for more than three decades. He is Editor-at-Large for Dog World and Dog Fancy magazines, and Editor-in-Chief for Dogs in Review magazine.

In February 2008, he was named Best Columnist of the Year by the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers. Allan shows Tibetan Mastiffs and Tibetan Spaniels. He was one of the three celebrity judges on the hit CBS reality series “Greatest American Dog.”

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“Dapple” refers to a dog’s coat pattern rather than to a specific color.

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