Dog Breed Expert Advice - Allan Reznik

Adopting a Great Dane

An adult Great Dane would be easier to adopt and transition into a couple’s life.

The Dapple Dachshund

"Dapple” refers to a dog’s coat pattern rather than to a specific color.

A College Student’s Dog

Getting a Basenji in a dog-restricted apartment is irresponsible.

Mastiff ‘Designer’ Dog

Both the Mastiff and Boxer are magnificent breeds, but there is no reason to mix the two.

A Laidback Labrador Retriever

Lab lovers seek to get a new dog, but are worried about the breed’s exercise needs.


Crating an Akita

Regardless of breed, nine to 10 hours in a crate is not fair to any dog.

Creating the ‘Blue Heeler’ Breed

Also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, the Blue Heeler was developed from Collie-Dingo crosses.

The Right Dog for a Small House With Cats

The Cavalier, Lhasa Apso, and Shih Tzu are three of several mellow breeds with little prey drive.

American Dog Differences

The American Bulldog and Pit Bull Terrier are in fact two distinct breeds.

Dog’s Nipping May Be Related to Breed

Though the Australian Cattle Dog will naturally nip livestock, nipping children is unacceptable.


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