Dog Show Expert Advice - Allan Reznik

Late Entry to a Dog Show

The judge has the final say whether to allow a dog and handler who show up late.

Winners and Reserve Winners

Exhibitors who place second in their classes need to remain at ringside for Reserve judging.

Starting to Show a Weimaraner

Dog owner wants to begin showing a friend’s Weim puppy, but doesn’t know where to start.

Dog Shows Divided by Coat Color

Why some breeds are judged in different varieties based on coat colors or coat length.

Dog Breeds Missing From Group Judging

The AKC does not require Best of Breed winners to remain for the judging of their Variety Group.


Getting Started Showing a Dog

The first step is contacting a breed club to see if your dog is considered "show quality.”

Show Judge Dismisses Dog Out of Fear

Judges who are not comfortable around certain breeds should not apply to judge them.

Dogs Trimmed Coat Should Be Disqualified

Even if a trimmed coat is not in the breed standard, judges may choose a scissored dog.

One in a Million

Similar breeds sweeping Hound Group judging leaves one spectator stunned.

Showing Great Danes

Owner asks why her blue Great Dane hasn’t been winning the shows he’s entered in.


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